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Fast Fashion Facts that You Need to Know

100 billion garments were made in 2018 With 3 out of 5 of those garments predicted to end up in landfill within 12 months of being made.  A report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that one garbage truck of clothes is burned or dumped into landfill every second. That’s enough to fill one and a half Empire State buildings every day, or enough to fill Sydney Harbour every year. What a depressing thought! The average shopper buys 60% more clothes every year But keeps them for half as long as they would have only 15 years ago.Think twice before your next fashion purchase and ask yourself, do I really need this? How many times will I actually wear it?...

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5 Steps to a More Sustainable Wardrobe

  With the fast fashion industry being one of the planet’s most damaging industries, it’s time that we all did our part to reduce the environmental impact of our wardrobe choices. You can do this by getting on board with the ethos of slow fashion. Making sustainable, ethical style choices is easier than you might think and there are lots of ways you can get involved in the growing trend of eco-friendly fashion.  Check out these simple steps that you can take to begin your journey. The 30 wears rule There’s a little rule in the sustainable fashion world which asks, “will you wear it at least 30 times?” If the answer is no, then think again before you purchase...

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So, What Exactly is Sustainable Fashion?

So, What Exactly is Sustainable Fashion? At VinoSupraja we’re all about designing fashion with a conscience. Sustainability is at the heart of our brand, and that’s why we want to give you the headlines on what that means. It’s green   Before your clothes reach the store, the processes involved in getting them there can have a huge impact on the environment. And no, we aren’t just talking about the fact that they might have arrived from overseas on a jet plane, we’re talking about the literal roots of your fashion choices. Fashion production takes its toll on the eco-system through use and abuse of the environment (think land, water, animals, energy resources), but sustainable fashion is much kinder to...

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