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Our founder Vino Supraja comes with a wide range of life and creative experiences with the background of being an award winning fashion designer, architect, author, and media professional who has lived in several countries across the globe. These unique experiences and knowledge reflects in her speeches and makes them highly impactful. Spreading awareness about sustainable fashion being her passion, she has also addressed many forums about various topics like design, careers, diversity and inclusion, motivation etc. She has spoken at prestigious organizations, panel discussions, educational institutions, podcasts, television, and radio stations.

Drop in a mail to enquire about her availability and rates for an in-person or virtual engagement.


Format ideas (virtual and in-person):
You can combine them as well.

  • Talks
  • Book reading and signing
  • Moderated Q&A

A few topic ideas:

  • A journey from inspiration to design
  • Fashion: the process behind
  • What is sustainable fashion?
  • Careers in Fashion
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Fashion
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship
  • Handling change: from Vino's life experiences

Drop in a mail to enquire about her availability and rates for an in-person or virtual engagement.





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