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Design For Us Sustainable Scarf & Hijab Competition: Meet The Winners!

sustainable scarf and hijabs competition uae

 Sustainable Scarf Design Contest: Eco-Friendly Fashion Challenge

Last month we were very excited to engage with many young and upcoming fashion designers when we launched our first-ever “Design For Us” competition. We invited fashion students from across the globe to submit a design for a scarf and the response was amazing! We received so many outstanding entries that choosing a winner was not an easy task. In fact, we struggled so much that we ended up choosing not one, but two winners!

 Our artisans will now be bringing those designs to life and the scarves will be sustainably created and sold under the Vino Supraja label. All profits will go towards the welfare of the artisan community, making a difference in the lives of those behind the brand.

 So without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our winning duo and their designs….

 Janani Shankar, NIFT, Bengaluru


janani shankar-winner-sustainable fashion design-vinosupraja-sustainablefashionuae

Janani Shankar’s journey into the world of fashion isn’t typical of most students. She comes from a family of doctors and started out in engineering herself. She explains that from early on, she realized that engineering was not her calling and that she wanted to pursue her love of fashion design. After graduating from her engineering degree and with the support of her parents, she decided to enroll in a master’s degree in fashion at NIFT.

 Her entry into our Design For Us competition really wowed the judges who loved the concept. Janani’s inspiration was based on the beauty in all skin tones – “Without Exception”. She says that she used to feel limited to wearing certain colors and prints based on her skin tone – a challenge that she has witnessed other women facing too. But the purpose of Janani’s design is to empower women to wear whatever they want to, with confidence and freedom. The female figurines that feature in the design represent how capable women can be, in whatever they choose to do in life. 


 Watch our full interview with Janani to hear more about her journey and where she’s headed next. 


  Sanovi Singh, NIFT, Bengaluru

 Our another winner, Sanovi Singh is a very talented fashion student hailing from Varanasi, a city in India with a long heritage in textiles. Also a student of NIFT, Sanovi tells us how she was overcome with emotion when she first found out she had won our competition.


 The inspiration for her winning design came from the beautiful carvings and architecture of the Kashinath Kali temple in India. Sanovi describes how like our designer Vino, she is interested in the way history, literature and architecture can be entwined within fashion design.

 Our judges were blown away by Sanovi’s use of color and the balance in her stunning pattern which Sanovi says took several attempts to perfect.



To hear more about Sanovi’s process and her aspirations for the future, watch our full interview with her below.


 Thank you to all our entrants

 Once again, we would like to thank everyone who entered our Design For Us competition this year. We and our judges loved reviewing each and every beautiful design and we wish every student all the very best for a long and successful career ahead.

 To find out more about our competition, how the judges scored the entries, and to see the designs of the runners up, take a look here:


We recommend taking a glance at these video links:

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