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About The Designer





Vino Supraja is an accomplished Designer, Speaker, Author, and Architect who has built an impressive reputation within the niche of Sustainable, Premium Fashion. Her discerning eye for design manifests in bold and creative patterns. Vino's inspiration transcends traditional boundaries, drawing inspiration from Art, Architecture, History, Culture, and Literature.


Since graduating from IFA Paris in 2014, where she was awarded the prestigious Golden Laureate award, Vino's noteworthy achievements have garnered numerous awards, earning widespread acclaim from her peers in the fashion world. Vino Supraja's couture designs have graced the runways of global events such as New York, Brooklyn, Shanghai and London Fashion Week, receiving accolades from both audiences and the press, with features in the likes of Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Vogue UK and Vogue China amongst others.


Having lived in several countries worldwide, and with her status as a successful fashion designer with a cause, Vino is considered an inspirational public speaker who engages a broad demographic. Whilst educating others regarding sustainable fashion is her driving force, she is regularly called upon to address audiences on a range of subjects from careers and design to diversity issues. A confident speaker, Vino has worked with prestigious organizations, educational institutes, and the broader media, including television, radio and podcasts.


In 2022, Vino Supraja's first book, 'What is Sustainable Fashion: An antidote to Fashion Pollution More' was published, and more recently, Vino Supraja was featured in the DW History and Culture Documentary 'How Indian Fashion Inspires the World' alongside India's most esteemed brands. Aside from literary work in fashion, Vino also incorporates theatre within her messaging, and last year, Vino Supraja produced a theatrical improv called Landfills, which premiered at the Fashion Revolution event in Dubai, UAE. During London Fashion Week in 2023, she again included performance elements by showcasing a traditional Tamil dance, Therukoothu, using authentic music and performers on the runway.


We take pride in Vino's ascent to success and her visionary approach, but what truly distinguishes her is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. At the start of her fashion journey, Vino was confronted with the stark reality of fast fashion and its impact on those working in the industry and the environment. This early revelation prompted her to change her intentions as a designer, and ever since, her brand has been dedicated to creating and promoting purely sustainable and ethical fashion. She works closely with a weaving community in Chennimalai, Erode District, Tamil Nadu, India, and ensures they are paid fair wages and have good working conditions.


One of Vino's chief grievances is the excessive textile waste generated by the fast fashion industry. Those who follow us on social media are undoubtedly familiar with Vino's passionate advocacy for sustainability in fashion and her advocacy for collective efforts to promote environmental responsibility.


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