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About us

The label

Vino Supraja is an online premium womenswear fashion brand that has sustainability and ethics at its core, and that’s why these are the first things we want to tell you about.

Our garments are created by people who are empowered to make a living thanks to the skilled work they do. Seems like that should be the standard, doesn’t it? But sadly, in today’s world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, the norm tends to be that garment workers are badly exploited. Knowing this, it’s important to us that the partners we use to create our clothes are working in good conditions for fair pay; fair pay being not a minimum wage, but a living wage. We guarantee that there’s no mass production or extortion going on when it comes to the creation of our label and that’s something we’re extremely proud to shout about.

It’s not just our people that we care about, our impact on the planet is another major consideration that we take very seriously when creating our garments. Being green is an ongoing quest and we like to think that we’ve made great strides, thanks to our use of organically produced, natural fibers and pigments. We also handloom our textiles and have achieved certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Talking of textiles, waste is a huge deal, with millions of tonnes of clothing going to landfill year on year- from both the manufacturers and the consumers. At Vino Supraja, we aim to reduce waste wherever we can through the recycling of unused materials and by educating consumers. Our clothes are made to last and we want you to enjoy wearing them over and over. A little rule we like to go by is that each piece of clothing should see at least 30 wears before you think about evicting it from your wardrobe.

Our brand is designed to be a premium label, with our garments doing more than just imitating the latest trends. Outstanding creativity goes into our designs, with Vino, the designer, taking inspiration from the world around her. Past collections and designs have seen influences from architecture, literature, history and culture and even modern-day events. Our pieces are truly inspired and represent a piece of art in themselves. We hope you’ll love wearing them as much as we love making them.

If you’d like to know more about what makes us sustainable and ethical, you can take a look here.