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What makes us a Sustainable and Ethical Brand?

We believe that being a sustainable and ethical brand is a constant journey of self-improvement. We’ve already made lots of careful, conscious choices when it comes to how we produce our fashion, and as a conscious consumer, we feel you should know about them.

We treat our people right!

Our weavers and tailors were selected based on more than just their skills. Vino, our designer, scrutinized their working conditions, their pay and their rights. We’re happy to tell you that our team is part of a small community in India, working from atelier that provides them with an ethical and safe environment. There’s no mass production going on and working hours are limited with realistic expectations set. Vino also ensured that the team is paid a genuine living wage, one that enables them to take care of their family and enjoy the quality of life. All too often, the reality is that garment workers are paid a minimum wage (or less) and they can barely live off it themselves, let alone provide for their families. 

To ensure that our standards remain fulfilled, Vino takes it upon herself to make frequent visits to the team.

We use organic textiles, dyes and pigments

And we have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification to prove it! GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. It also certifies the dyes and pigments that we use and takes into account environmental and social criteria. All of this is underpinned by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. So you can be sure that our textiles are environmentally and people-friendly from start to finish.

We limit waste

We really hate waste and we do our best to reduce it by recycling or donating our textile scraps whenever possible. We try to make sure that all our garments find loving homes and nothing is left on the shelf, so we only produce them in small quantities at a time.

We also encourage you to recycle with us through our 30 Wears Rule incentive, where you can return your Vino Supraja purchases to us after 30 wears (and 18 months) and we’ll recycle them. We’ll also give you a credit note which you can put towards your next purchase – everyone wins! You can read more about that here.

We avoid plastic packaging

We try to avoid single-use plastic like the plague! When you receive a parcel from us, it will be paper-based and biodegradable. We’d love it if you could throw it in your recycling bin for us! We'd love even more if you could make use of our beautiful box for storage or any other purpose. Do let us know what you are doing with our 'VinoSupraja box' in social media and don't forget to tag us.