Find Out Your Fashion Footprint With This Shocking Quiz

Last month, at Vino Supraja we challenged you to make some sustainable new year’s resolutions, and we gave you lots of ideas. You can still take a look at them here, it’s never too late to start! If you’re planning to embrace slow fashion in 2020 (high five!) why not start your journey by finding out what your current fashion carbon footprint is? Online consignment store, Thredup has developed a fantastic tool that can calculate your fashion footprint for you, all you have to do is answer 11 simple questions, here - TAKE THE QUIZ

Are you an “Eco-Newbie” or “Green Queen”?


Improve your score

 Even if you scored a low fashion footprint (pat on the back to you!), there’s always room for improvement. The quiz asks questions about your spending and laundry habits and how you dispose of your clothes. There are plenty of good habits we can all adopt and even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. So why not start doing more cold washes, learn how to repair your clothes, make a promise to buy less this year or in the spirit of giving, donate some of the clothes you don’t wear anymore?

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We’d love to know where you are on your sustainable journey, so share your results with us on Facebook or Instagram and comment on what you’re doing to make a change this year. Don’t forget to share this post and get your friends involved too!


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