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Sustainable You Tubers Worth Watching

Sustainable You Tubers Worth Watching

 Living Big In A Tiny House

 The tiny house movement has grown in popularity in the last decade, with more and more people taking an interest in downsizing their homes. It’s not simply just about living in a smaller space though, the movement is about discovering a more sustainable way of life. Essentially, it’s a way of living with less but benefiting from more. 

 We love the YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House, as it features an array of fascinating tiny-house dwellers with inspiring stories to tell. Many of the people interviewed have given up their cosmopolitan lives in favour of a simpler, more eco-friendly existence – something we believe we should all be striving for.

 Many people who have embraced the tiny house movement have achieved financial freedom, learned to live off grid, become more self-sufficient and massively reduced their carbon footprint too. It’s definitely worth taking a peek into their lives!

  Sustainably Vegan

 Despite the name, you don’t need to be vegan to benefit from the information that Immy Lucas shares on her channel, Sustainably Vegan. She covers all sorts of topics from low impact living, zero waste techniques, money saving tips, ethical choices and plant-based recipes.

 In 2018, Immy challenged herself to a “no spend year” with the aim of consuming less, saving money and trading her time and skills in exchange for the things she needed. Check out her channel to find out how she got on and maybe you’ll be inspired too.

 My Green Closet

 Of course, we had to feature a fellow sustainable fashion enthusiast. We love My Green Closet as the channel covers many topics close to our heart including how to start building a sustainable wardrobe, shopping for second-hand clothes, choosing natural products and creating a capsule wardrobe.

Erin, who created the channel, also interviews other sustainable fashion vloggers in a series that she calls “Green Closet Tours”. What’s not to love about having a nose inside other people’s wardrobes?

  Levi Hildebrand

 Levi Hildebrand’s self-titled channel is a brilliant platform covering all sorts of random and engaging topics related to sustainability.

 In his Better Brands segment, Levi shares some of the latest and most innovative eco-friendly products and inventions in the market and in his Better Living series he posts videos about changes he’s made to his day-to-day life that you could try too.

 Better World features uplifting insights from places around the globe where green changes have been made. We love to see positive content like this as it’s a reminder that big changes are taking all over!

 Levi recently went one better himself by announcing that all proceeds from his channel will be donated to charity this year. You can’t argue with that!

 We hope you’ll enjoy these channels as much as we do and please do share with us your recommendations for great sustainable YouTubers!

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