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Vino Supraja’s First Sustainable Fashion Book and Latest Collection Launches This Month!

Vino Supraja’s First Sustainable Fashion Book and Latest Collection Launches This Month!

August 2022 is set to be a huge month for us at Vino Supraja. As we wrap up the summer and head into next season, we’re not only revealing our latest collection but also the publication of Vino’s first book!

About the book: What is Sustainable Fashion? An Antidote to Fashion Pollution

When it comes to being a sustainable designer, Vino has always been as much about the cause as she is for the fashion itself. With a focus on raising awareness and inspiring a change, Vino has been a tireless voice against fast fashion.

Her debut book drills deeper into the topic of sustainable fashion, with shocking facts and anecdotes supported by real statistics and symbolic illustrations created by Vino herself. A foreword by celebrated Bangladeshi model and UNESCO artist for peace, Bibi Russell precedes the book’s three main parts: Fashion Violence, Points to Ponder and Call to Action. In Part One, we learn about the fashion industry’s assault on its workers and the planet. Part Two is thought-provoking and encourages self-reflection in regarding to our own buying decisions and habits. In Part Three, Vino shares simple ideas and achievable changes that anyone can embrace in support of sustainable fashion.

“As a fashion insider I wanted to highlight the many ugly facts about the industry that are rarely spoken about. While most books on sustainable fashion tend to be data-heavy difficult reads, I took a more reader-friendly approach, with facts, illustrations and reflections, to help reach out to a wider audience and empower readers to make more informed fashion purchase decisions”. – Vino Supraja.

Vino will be officially launching What is Sustainable Fashion? An Antidote to Fashion Pollution in her hometown of Chennai on 27 August 2022.

Purisai – a new collection inspired by Therukoothu

Our latest collection is about to launch too! Purisai is a beautiful, vibrant collection of handloomed garments inspired by the ancient Tamil street theatre art form of Therukoothu. In Vino’s home town of Vandavasi, which is 10kms away from the village of Purisai, this ancient folk art is still thriving to this day.


Vino says, ‘Having lived in a home near a temple, watching Therukoothu was my favourite childhood entertainment. I vividly remember the colours on their faces, long stripes on their voluminous skirts, the crown, the decor, the makeshift green room made out of thatched leaves, Kattiyakaran, Draupathi, Arjunan Tapasu performed on a long pole, Keechaga Vadham, a giant Dhuriyodhanan statue made on the ground, and so much more. I remember watching every episode of Baradha Koothu sitting on my dad's lap. This is the art form of my home, and this collection is my dedication to art form of therukoothu for making my childhood colourful.’

We can’t wait to show you the stunning, thoughtfully designed garments of this latest collection and hope that you will love each piece.

Vino Supraja’s book, What is Sustainable Fashion? An Antidote to Fashion Pollution and the Purisai collection will both be available on from 27 August 2022. We would really love to hear your feedback and thoughts on both, and we appreciate your support as always. Together we can make a change.

You can get in touch with us any time on social media or by email. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest in sustainable and ethical fashion from Vino Supraja.

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