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If you follow our brand, you’ll know that at Vino Supraja, we’re always talking about fast fashion and sustainability. We have a lot to say on the topic and hope to influence and educate our readers with every statement we make, but today we’re focussing on quotes that have inspired us.

We want to share with you, five of the most powerful statements made by those who speak up for the cause of ethical and sustainable fashion.

 sustainablefashionquote-vinosupraja Born in 1869, you could say that Mahatma Gandhi was well ahead of his time when it came to his thoughtfulness around fast fashion. He recognised the pitfalls of importing products and materials into his home country of India and helped to lift the country out of poverty by starting an entire movement known as the Swadeshi Movement. A key part of this movement centred around bringing the people of India together to spin a sustainable material called Khadi. Gandhi also opted to wear his famous white loin cloth as a wardrobe staple in support of unity and simplicity. Read all about the Khadi cloth in our earlier blog post, here.

 sustainablefashionquotes-vinosupraja Emma Watson is best known for her role as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, but did you know that she’s also a huge supporter of sustainability, often speaking out about the woes of fast fashion? With 65.8 million followers on Instagram and strong views that she’s not afraid to share, Emma is an amazing advocate for the fashion revolution and sustainability in general.


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 Simple yet effective, this quote from well-known, octogenarian fashion designer Vivienne Westwood sums up the basics you need to know about embracing slow fashion. The Vivienne Westwood label is run sustainably, with the designer a long-time activist for the cause. Her brand paves the way with new initiatives and ideas, such as fabric innovation and experimental pattern cutting. You can read more about what the label is currently doing here. In 2020 Westwood partnered with not-for-profit organisation Canopy, in a bid to fight deforestation. Take a look at this powerful video produced as part of the collaboration:

 sustainable fashion-vinosupraja British author, journalist and presenter, Lucy Siegle reminded us of the unsettling truth about fast fashion with this powerful statement. Her words shine a light on the human cost of the fashion industry and encourage us all to accept the reality, which is that new clothes do not come cheaply without the exploitation and unethical treatment of garment workers. Lucy’s TEDx Talk, The Wardrobe To Die For is really worth watching for further enlightenment.


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 With this statement, American singer Pharrell Williams highlighted the fact that the fashion industry has a worldwide impact on the earth. When we consider pollution and sustainability issues affecting the world today, it’s easy to think of the obvious contributors such as energy and transport. Fashion is not always the first industry that springs to mind when talking about pollution, but as Pharrell points out, it is a universal issue. We may not all drive cars or take flights, but we all wear clothes and changing our habits as consumers could have a hugely positive effect on the planet. Pharrell is co-owner of fashion label, G Star Raw, which makes garments using recycled plastics. The Plastic Age: A Documentary is a very confronting film which features Pharrell speaking on the topic.

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