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Giving through fashion

Giving through fashion

  Ramadan Reflection: Top Three Ways to Give Back Through Fashion

We’ve almost reached the end of Ramadan, also known as the Month of Giving. It’s a time where Muslims worldwide take time to reflect, fast, pray, and give back to the community. During this holy month in the Islamic calendar, we’ve been inspired to think about how we can give to others when it comes to fashion. Here are our top three ways you can give back:

Give to others around you

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 Many of us have been taking the time recently to declutter our homes, and a big part of that involves tackling our bursting wardrobes. We are all guilty of holding onto clothes that no longer fit us or that we simply don’t wear anymore but embracing a more sustainable approach to fashion can begin with a wardrobe detox. A big part of that means responsibly rehoming the clothes you no longer want and there are so many ways you can easily do this. Aside from passing on items to friends and family, you can also donate to those in need. In the UAE, a quick search online will provide you with a list of organizations that collect unwanted garments either for use by people who desperately need them or for recycling where the profits are reinvested into charitable projects. We suggest checking out DubaiCares, Rags to Riches and Emirates Red Crescent. 

Give to the planet

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When you choose to invest in sustainable fashion, you give back to the planet. Did you know that polyester fabric can take up to 200 years to decompose and relies on high quantities of water during the production process? The dyes used in polyester are also damaging to the environment and to the workers who handle them. This is just one example of how fashion can affect our environment but the problem goes far beyond just polyester. If you check out our video which we’ve linked below, you’ll learn some more shocking facts about how many garbage trucks of clothing end up in landfill every second.

Give back to garment workers

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Cheap fashion may be light on your wallet but it comes at a high price to the garment workers who produce it. Those living in poverty often seek employment in the world of fast fashion production but are typically underpaid, overworked, and operating in unsafe environments. You can help to end this abuse by supporting sustainable brands. Sustainable, ethically made clothing may be more expensive than your average fast fashion purchase, but that’s generally because the quality is better and the people who make the clothes are fairly paid. We suggest that you adjust your spending habits-  simply buy less and choose more carefully before parting with your money. By doing this, you give garment workers access to a living wage and a safer life.

Check out our wardrobe detox video!

For more information on all of the above, check out our Detoxing Your Wardrobe video for CompliMentors. We give you some of the facts about the fashion industry along with easy to follow steps that you can take towards transitioning towards a sustainable wardrobe. You’ll learn about the 30 wears rule, how to find the right balance between your basics and those special occasion outfits and why finding your personal style can make your wardrobe more efficient.


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