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Fashion Revolution Week 2020 - #whomademyclothes

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Fashion Revolution Week: Paving the Way for Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

It’s that time of the year again- Fashion Revolution Week is here. This month, from the 20th to 26thApril, Fashion Revolution launches its #whomademyclothes campaign in line with the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. The tragedy took place in Bangladesh on the 24th April 2013, resulting in the deaths of 1,138 people and injuring many more. These garment workers, like most in the fast fashion industry, were seriously exploited. Long hours, unsafe conditions, extremely low wages and even child labour are common features within many factory environments. The Rana Plaza collapse was not the first fashion industry disaster to result in lost lives, but due to its magnitude, it gained worldwide publicity. The Fashion Revolution was born on the same day and has been going strong ever since.

 What’s the mission?

 The Fashion Revolution is a global movement that runs all year long with the goal of uniting people and organisations to effect change in the way our clothes are made. From the farmers to the consumers, the organisation looks to unite every person in the fashion supply chain and transform the industry so that equal value is given to the people and the environment, rather than just the creativity and the profit.

 At Vino Supraja we couldn’t agree more with the mission of Fashion Revolution and we’re fully on board this year with their #whomademyclothes campaign. That’s why we created our Meet The Makers series.

  Meet The Makers at Vino Supraja

 During the rest of April, we’ll be featuring interviews with the talented weavers who hand loom our beautiful garments. These short videos provide an insight into their working environment, their beginnings as weavers and what motivates them each day.

 So far we’ve introduced Ms. Thirupathal from Pasuvampatti village. She’s been weaving since she was 16 and talks about the enthusiasm she has for every piece she creates. Working for a sustainable and ethical fashion brand like ours allows women like Ms. Thirupathal to not just survive but to thrive in a safe environment where they are treated fairly.

  We’ve also featured Ms.Valarmathi from Ammapalayam village. Another dedicated weaver who has been passionately creating fabrics since she was only 16, Mrs. Valamarthi describes how she gets a sense of satisfaction from her work and admires the designs she produces.

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 Why is the #whomademyclothes campaign so important?

The reason we’re creating and sharing these videos with you is that transparency and accountability is so crucial in effecting change in the world of fashion. As a brand, we have a responsibility to ensure that our people- our makers are safe and protected in their jobs, with not just a minimum wage, but a living wage.  By giving our weavers a platform to speak and providing an insight into their lives we hope to educate and influence brands and consumers.

 Hopefully, you’re also asking yourself what you can do. As consumers, we all have a responsibility to choose wisely when it comes to our fashion purchases. Individually we have a big part to play in revolutionising the fashion industry and if we all unite in the fight against fast fashion, we will one day be able to ensure that tragedies such as the Rana Plaza collapse aren’t allowed to happen again. So please, shop sustainably, shop ethically and get on board with the Fashion Revolution.

 To find out more, you can visit the Fashion Revolution website and you can also check out our past blog posts for ideas and information about sustainable fashion.

Here is the link to watch our videos about the team behind our brand: Weavers and Tailors- Up, Close and Personal:

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