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Sustainable Fashion: The Inspiration Behind The Art Deco Collection

Sustainable Fashion: The Inspiration Behind The Art Deco Collection

We’re counting down the days to our official launch which is coming very soon! We’ll be making an announcement on our social media platforms so don’t forget to stay tuned and follow us.

For now, we wanted to give you a little sneak peak of our debut collection and as the designer, I wanted to personally share some of my inspiration behind this first collection. It all started with a love of Art Deco.

 Art Deco beginnings


The Art Deco style is one that has been a recurring feature in my life from a young age. Originating in Paris, Art Deco is known for its geometric structures, straight lines and symmetry.

As a child growing up in India, I couldn’t have been much further from Paris, but somehow I was blessed to be (quite literally) surrounded by Art Deco style. I come from a small town called Vandavasi, in South India, and that’s where I spent my childhood years, living in a house that was very beautiful to me. With its strong lines and square patterns, the building seemed to exude Art Deco vibes. From childhood right through to motherhood, the house was my sanctuary and I am never tired of its fabulous façade. It still exists today but is no longer owned by my family, so in a way, this collection feels like a fitting tribute to the place I once called home.

 Designs of Detroit

Later in life, as I pursued my passion for fashion (after a detour as an architect), I started a design studio in the city of Detroit in Michigan, US. The city has a rich tapestry of Art Deco architecture thanks to an economic boom back in the 1920s. With my well-established love of Art Deco, I guess you could say I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I was totally in awe of all the amazing constructions around me. Not just buildings, but sculptures too. Take a look at one of my Detroit favourites. You can see this Native American sculpture at the entrance of the Penobscot Building. They call him, ‘The Big Chief’.


Even outside of Detroit, Art Deco has made an impression across America. A couple of its most famous examples are the Empire State Building and the Oscar statue. But I particularly love this lion, which stands proudly outside of the Iowa Masonic Museum.


A Deco debut


 Given my longstanding love affair with Art Deco, I guess it’s no surprise that it became the main influence of my upcoming collection. I’ve created intricate patterns and vibrant designs using the same concept of geometric shapes and straight lines. If you look closely at my garments, you’ll find some of my favourite Art Deco icons hidden within the patterns. I like to think that every piece in my collection is a work of art in itself and that’s largely because of the strong inspiration behind it. I’m proud to say that I’ve worked really hard to bring this archetypal styling to life in modern and colour-rich, sustainable fashion. I hope you’re going to love the collection as much as I do and I’m super excited to be revealing it very soon!

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