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Sustainable Fashion: What exactly is it?

Sustainable Fashion: What exactly is it?

At VinoSupraja we’re all about designing fashion with a conscience. Sustainability is at the heart of our brand, and that’s why we want to give you the headlines on what that means.

It’s green

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Before your clothes reach the store, the processes involved in getting them there can have a huge impact on the environment. And no, we aren’t just talking about the fact that they might have arrived from overseas on a jet plane, we’re talking about the literal roots of your fashion choices. Fashion production takes its toll on the eco-system through use and abuse of the environment (think land, water, animals, energy resources), but sustainable fashion is much kinder to Mother Nature thanks to its use of planet-friendly practices.

 It’s ethical

In this era of technology and mass production, it can be easy to forget that real life humans are behind the making of our clothes. These people have a right to safe and ethical working conditions, with fair pay and proper treatment. Sadly, with fast fashion, that’s not often the reality. Imagine slogging away in a sweatshop for up to 72 hours straight, churning out seven dollar pairs of jeans for as little as one cent per hour, and then getting a beating for not meeting your daily quota (it happens!). Shopping sustainably helps to ensure fair wages and better working conditions for vulnerable people living in poverty.

It’s slow

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When we say “slow fashion”, we are referring to the fact that you’re opting for fashion pieces that you’ll wear time and time again. Better quality, longer lasting clothing is a key benefit of choosing sustainable fashion. On the other hand, fast fashion is a modern problem whereby new trends are constantly produced on a large scale basis for low retail prices. Sure, it makes updating your wardrobe cheap and easy, but do you really need ten pairs of jeans in slightly different styles? Most likely, those jeans are poorly made and will end up in the trash when the holes soon begin to appear. It’s not just consumer waste that is an issue, but retailers are guilty too. Some fast fashion retailers have been accused of burning tonnes of unsold clothes every year! Invest in quality, sustainably made clothes and enjoy wearing them for longer.

How can you make a sustainable start?

sustainable fashion brand - uae-vinosupraja-organic cotton-handloom

There are a growing number of sustainable fashion retailers out there, and we’re excited to announce that VinoSupraja is a sustainable, premium fashion brand that is coming to the UAE very soon.

Along with shopping responsibly, we want to encourage you to make the most out of your clothes. Sustainable fashion pieces can look just as good from the first wear to the 30th wear (and beyond!). Re-wearing an outfit should no longer be considered a fashion faux pas, with celebs and even royalty beginning to repeat and recycle their looks. Check out the likes of Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and even the Kardashians, to name just a few. But as with all good things, if you feel a certain piece has come to its end, choosing to recycle garments is another great way to stay sustainable.

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