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Sustainable Fashion: Vino Supraja Launches in India

Sustainable Fashion: Vino Supraja Launches in India

 We are so excited to announce that we’re bringing Vino Supraja to India. Our sustainable, ethical fashion brand has its roots deeply embedded in India and launching in the country has special meaning to us. It’s not only the birthplace of our designer, Vino, but India has also been a huge source of inspiration for Vino who grew up with a love of the local flora, fauna, architecture, and history.

 About our brand

The Vino Supraja label was established in 2014 and back then, it was a regular fashion brand.  But as Vino herself grew as a designer and learned more about the fashion industry, she discovered fashion’s ugly side. The devastating environmental impact of fast fashion and the unacceptable treatment of garment workers in the industry were issues Vino could not ignore. Motivated to be the change, she began working hard to transform the brand into the sustainable business that it is today. Our label now has a kinder heart, built around sustainability, ethics and education. If you’ve been following us, you’ll know how passionate we are about making a positive change to the fashion industry. We’re committed to greener manufacturing practices and supporting the talented people who work in the textile industry through better pay.


We believe in:

  • Using natural, organic fibres and pigments
  • Reducing textile waste
  • Reducing our carbon emissions through hand looming and environmentally friendly practices
  • Using recycled fibres and upcycling fabric offcuts
  • Making sure our artisan weavers earn a real living wage in a safe environment
  • Giving back to communities
  • Educating consumers by highlighting the truth about fast fashion industry
  • Encouraging consumers to adopt greener habits

 Since 2019 we’ve made huge strides towards our goals and hope to continue to make an impact as we launch in India, home of our designer and our weavers.

 Our achievements so far

 In the last two years Vino Supraja has gained recognition globally. We’re a premium fashion brand and our collections have been featured in the likes of Vogue and gained praise from industry peers. Our award-winning designer has been working hard to fly the flag for sustainable fashion and has spoken about the topic in the media, in universities and online. Vino Supraja has also supported deserving communities through fundraising initiatives and provided opportunities to fashion students through design competitions.

 If you missed it, please take a look at this beautiful video about our ‘Bag-a-smile’ initiative with Pragati Wheel School in New Delhi. We were able to provide underprivileged children with school bags made from recycled textiles and it was a truly humbling experience learning about this wonderful school and its students.


If you’d like to keep up-to-date with our activity, please follow our blog where we share our news, views and insights on sustainable fashion.

 Our latest collection is coming very soon!

 Our new website is now live at and soon we’ll be sharing our latest collection of beautiful new garments. For the first time, we’re introducing a piece made from recycled PET bottles! You’ll be able to shop online via our website (we offer worldwide shipping!) and you can also find our designs at Jewel Street.

 So don’t forget to check back with us for updates and subscribe to stay in touch.

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