VinoSupraja - The Designer


Our wonderful designer, Vino Supraja, is a talented woman (and all round great person!) who has attracted a number of coveted industry awards, gaining wide-spread recognition from her peers in the fashion world. Since her graduation from IFA Paris in 2014, Vino’s couture designs have been seen on the runway at New York, Brooklyn and Shanghai Fashion week with accolades from the audience and the press. More recently in the UAE, she was awarded the Sustainable Fashion Runway Award by Fashion Revolution- a cause very close to her heart.

An architect, Vino has a skilled eye for design and her appreciation for her surroundings can been seen within the beautiful patterns she creates. As an open-minded, deep thinker, her inspiration comes not only from architecture and nature, but also from culture and current events.

We’re proud of Vino’s rise to success and creative vision, but what really shines is her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. After her early successes, Vino had one of those lightbulb moments, and that lightbulb was an energy saving one. Like most of us, she had been shielded from the truth about fast fashion and its effects on the planet, but after realizing the shocking truth, she felt compelled to create fashion with a cause.

And so began Vino’s makeover from a successful couture designer to the sustainable, ethical fashion brand that you see today. It wasn’t an easy journey, and it’s a constant one. One which has so far seen Vino travelling far and wide to meet with a number of garment producers. With a non-negotiable list of high standards and unwavering determination, Vino eventually chose to partner with a small group of skilled artisans working from an atelier in India. Having closely looked at their rights, their wages and their working conditions, Vino can say with confidence that our skilled weavers and tailors are looked after. They’re part of our fashion family, after all!

With sustainability being a core part of our brand, working conditions were not Vino’s only concern. Vino wanted to ensure that our brand reduced its impact on the environment wherever possible and that’s something she’s achieved through many conscious choices. 

One of Vino’s pet hates is the outrageous amount of textile waste that comes from the fast fashion industry. If you follow us on social media, with no doubt you will see Vino spreading the word about sustainability issues in fashion and how we can all do our part to be greener. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more.