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How Sustainable Is Vino Supraja? Our 2022 Sustainability Results Are In

How Sustainable Is Vino Supraja?  Our 2022 Sustainability Results Are In

Sustainability and ethics are at the very heart of our brand, and that’s why it was important to us to commission a report to find out how our fashion brand is really performing in the sustainability stakes.

 Our ultimate goal is to achieve climate neutral status and we can do that by making informed decisions about the way we operate, by reducing our carbon emissions and through embracing offset projects to help restore the ecosystem.

 We’ve always said that achieving sustainability is a journey and it’s a road we continue to travel every day.  Through the findings of this report, we will continue to learn, improve and grow in a way takes us one step closer to reaching climate neutrality.

 Read on to find out how we scored, what we’re doing currently and how we plan to do better.

 Our overall carbon footprint

sustainable fashion brand report Vino Supraja

 Carbon footprint is calculated based on the total greenhouse gasses that come from the production, use and end-of-life of a product. Our total carbon footprint is considered negligible and that’s an amazing start. To put our total carbon footprint into perspective, the global fashion industry accounts for almost 3 billion tons of carbon emissions, and our total of 13.7 tons per year is a tiny drop in that very huge ocean. However, this doesn’t mean we can be complacent! It is still equivalent to the yearly electricity usage of just over two and half houses in the US – so we are going to work hard to reduce that number further.

 How do we compare to a major fast fashion brand?

 A prominent fast fashion brand has a carbon footprint equal to the yearly footprint of 8,186 Indians! Our carbon footprint per collection is equal to the yearly carbon footprint of 8 Indians. On a global scale, we produce 56% less greenhouse gas emissions through our use of organic cotton and rPET (that’s recycled plastic).

 What do we do currently?

 We try to be extremely thoughtful about all the processes involved in the production of our garments and the operation of our brand. Here are some of the practices that we currently follow:

  • We recycle our garment waste (have you seen our beautiful upcycled bags?).
  • We use only recycled, paper-based, biodegradable packaging – never plastic!
  • Our entire supply chain operates in India meaning we limit emissions linking to shipping and imports.
  • Our organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and we ensure that our dyes, pigments meet approved standards across the supply chain to avoid harmful pollution of ecosystems.
  • Our polyester is always recycled (did you know polyester takes between 20 – 200 years to decompose?).
  • We release only a few exclusive collections each year – you won’t see us engaging in the fast fashion culture of 50-100 micro seasons!
  • We take care of our garment workers – they’re paid a living wage (that’s not a minimum wage) and work in safe environments.

As well as all of the above, we love to educate by sharing as much as we can about sustainability, not just in fashion but on a multitude of topics. Please check out our blog posts and social media pages and help us to spread the word by sharing our content. Education really is key.

sustainable fashion report Vino Supraja

How do we plan to do better? 

We want to become climate neutral in the long term. That means reducing or offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions to a point where they are equal to (or less than) what our ecosystems can safely absorb.

Most of our greenhouse gas emissions (94%) at Vino Supraja relate to the retail and distribution side of our business with production accounting for 6%.  To tackle our overall carbon footprint, we’ve set out some goals which we plan to achieve by 2030:

  • Reduce our transport emissions by 10%.
  • Offset our delivery emissions.
  • Plant trees to offset non-delivery related emissions.

sustainable fashion report Vino Supraja

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this update about our 2022 Sustainability Report which was commissioned through Livabl. We believe in fostering a culture of transparency and that’s why we’ve also published the full report. You can read more of the main findings here or view the full report here.


You can get in touch with us any time on social media or by email. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest in sustainable and ethical fashion from Vino Supraja.


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