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The 30 wears incentive

The 30 Wears Incentive

It’s important to us that we do our best to reduce any waste associated with our brand and that’s why we’ve created an incentive based on the 30 wears rule.

So what is the 30 wears rule?

It’s the idea that in order to get on board with the sustainable fashion ethos, you should not buy a garment if you don’t expect to wear it at least 30 times, and you shouldn’t be throwing out a garment if you’ve worn it less than 30 times.

At first thought, you may be thinking that wearing something 30 times over is an unachievable goal, but if you’re taking a sustainable approach to your wardrobe, it’s definitely possible!

After all, clothes which are created sustainability are generally well made and long lasting, so you should easily be able to wear them at least 30 times. Also, if you’re shopping sustainably, you should hopefully have a relatively small collection of clothing, meaning everything gets worn regularly. You can read more about this on our blog post “5 Steps to a More Sustainable Wardrobe”.

Recycle with us and get credit!

Perhaps you bought a garment from us and after 30 wears, you feel you’d like to replace it with something different, or perhaps the size is no longer right for you. Whatever the case, if the time has come for a Vino Supraja garment to be retired from your collection, you can drop us an email about the same and courier the garment to us.  We only have one condition, which is that you must have owned the garment for at least 18 months.

Just drop us an email with a photo of the garment and the date of purchase. Once we’ve received your returned garment, we’ll issue a coupon code of 15% discount to you by email which you can use against your next purchase.

In the meantime, we’ll recycle the fibers of your garment and create new fabrics.